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Chase died

Posted on: April 21, 2008

Yesterday at around noon the doctor came out to the house to help Chase along. It was a beautiful day, and he died in his bed, out on the back patio, with the breeze blowing. I think for once Tom and I timed it just right; he was in pain but it wasn’t agony. It would have become agony had we waited even a few hours more. I am including a few pictures of him.

We’ve lost 6 greyhounds in 6 years. You’d think it would get easier. It does not. Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves; nobody is forcing us to adopt the old ones. But the thing is, there are not many people who do adopt the old ones. And they die in a group doggie foster home which is not a horrible thing but is not the right thing either; they should get to die in their forever home with their forever people. Those bastards who adopt an animal and then dump him or her in a foster home when they start to age, or when they move, or when children are born…I don’t even know what to say about those “people.” That is what happened to Deoji, Stetson, Penny, Bessie, Ripple, and Chase. Each was just thrown away like garbage. They weren’t garbage. Each was a beautiful little doggie soul who deserved better. Those “people” who threw them out…I hate those people with all my heart but I am so grateful to them, too…because were it not for their heartlessness, I wouldn’t have had the great honor and privelege to care for these beautiful, beautiful little animals.

I miss you so much, Dudeface. Already. Your spot under the tree is beautiful, and you’re right next to Bessie. Don’t look back for us; just keep going.

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