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We said goodbye to Bessie Friday night. It was horribly difficult, but we knew that she had cancer, and I knew that once she started showing pain, it would be time to do it. Animals are so stoical, you know, and by the time they show any pain you know it must be excruciating. So, Friday morning she cried for the first time, and Friday night we said goodbye.

We buried her out in the backyard Friday night and it was a long, sad sleepless night. Saturday was a long, sad, sleepless day. Then, last night, at 2 a.m., Chase (our other greyhound) woke up and told us some stuff.

See, Bess could only go 4 hours before she needed to pee. And I am pregnant and can only go about 4 hours before I have to eat. So our routine had been to pee/eat at 10 pm, then again at 2, then at 6. But Chase never got up for that stuff. He’d just groan and roll over and try to shade his eyes from the lamp.

Last night, though, he got up at 2. I heard his collar jingling quietly. And so I got up, too, to eat something. And he was acting so strange…I know Bess was there. Chase couldn’t see her, but he could feel her or smell her or something. He carefully walked all around the yard, bedroom, and den as if he were stalking something, and when I talked to him, I could tell that I was clearly bothering him. It was as if he was saying, “Shut up, ma! I’m concentrating!”

Thought I’d include a picture of my baby Bessie Pinkie Dog, in healthier days. Here she is with Penny, a greyhound girl that we lost about a year and a half ago. Bessie’s the white one and Penny’s the black one. See Bess’s pink tummy? At night, when she’d relax and go to sleep, her tummy, chest, and legs would turn bright pink.

I miss her so much. But I know she’s safe now, and it must have been amazing to wake up with four good legs and a mouthful of teeth. I’ll think of you all the time, Bess. Never forget your momma loves you.