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Posted on: May 11, 2004


My Stetson is dying. Around 10 pm he began screaming whenever he tried to move. Tom and I called all over the place to find an emergency clinic that would make a housecall. Poor little buddy is in too much pain to move, much less get picked up and stuffed in the car, driven somewhere, and hauled inside.

Finally a vet called us back. Most of the “emergency” services around here apparently are bogus. This was a kind veterinarian who cannot come out now, at almost 1 am, but he will come to our house at 8 am and put my beloved friend out of pain.

It breaks my heart to see him suffer so. And to hear that scream. It’s going to be a long night. I love him and I’m shattered by this. You’re just never ready to say goodbye.

He’s been my best friend ever since Deoji died. You can tell a dog all your secrets, share with him anything. I pray that he is able to get a little sleep tonight, and that the hours pass quickly.

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